Train with Serpentina in Erasmus+ !


Associação Serpentina (established 2009) is a not-for-profit organisation aiming at making the internet and Information and Communication Technologies part of everyday life. We believe these are perfectly great tools and excellent aids to creativity, interaction, collaboration and social integration.

And now offering a series of 6-day training courses for school and adult educators involved in Erasmus+ KA1 mobility projects,  as follows:

* Project Design and Management – to help you develop more and more projects for your institutions and learners
* Digital Competences for Educators – to help you bring your classroom into the digital age (mind you, some of your learners might already be there!)
* E-learning : Why, What, How – to help you design better blended learning experiences for your digitally-savvy learners
* Gamification of Learning – to help you plot a game-enhanced learning experience for your learners.

Each course is planned for 6 hours each day in Days 2-5 (with 3 hours only on Day 1 and Day 6), and with at least one afternoon ‘outdoors’ (Day 3 or 4), during which you’ll also have a course-related task though :)

Each course is fully validated through Europass Mobility documents,

Just check them out and join us in beautiful Lisbon in 2014 and beyond :) Please use the expression of interest form herethen write to KA1courses.Serpentina @ to discuss details regarding your participation in the training courses and a lot more – because we’re doing a lot of other things !

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